Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fourth of July 2010

Elaine had a great idea of us going to the Cleveland Indian game, so we did. It was eighty-three miles from home, up I-77 and off on E 9th Street Exit, easy drive. Pulled in the first parking lot that we came to, right across the street from the Stadium.

On the way up, we saw these Lebron James Please Stay signs driving up the interstate and in town here.

When we go in the stadium, we were trying to decide where to eat, when I asked an Lady Usher if they had any nice sit down restaurants or grills. She said there was The Terrace Club, but it was only for season ticket holders. Disappointed, we were trying to figure out where to lunch at a concession stand, when the Lady Usher approached us and said that she just found out there was a special at The Terrace Club and anyone could go in today. Thank you Lady Usher!

Here I am feeling like a big shot.

Then, it was time to take our seats for the start of the game, which the Indians lost 3 to 1. Frankly, the Indians look like a farm team this year, but we had a good time and a great day at 94 degrees, nonetheless.

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