Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Greg Frewin Magic Show

Elaine and I went to see Master Magician Greg Frewin. I have seen Greg on NBC and Fox Specials, such as World's Greatest Magic and World's Greatest Magicians and he has won Magician of the Year.
We went for the dinner and the show. The dinner was very good buffet style and our seats were right in front of the stage. The show consisted of Greg's amazing magic, Las Vegas type showgirls, lions, tigers, and music. It was an exciting experience.

Even more so, as Greg picked me as the first volunteer. He opened up a small barrel to show it was empty and gave it to me to hang on to. Next, he brought out a duck named Chuck, put Chuck in a cage and made Chuck disappear. You guessed it, Greg took the barrel I was holding, opened it up, and there was Chuck.

Returning to my seat, the lady next to me asked: "Could you feel the duck going into the barrel?" I should add that she had a big carafe of martini that she was working through.

You were not allowed to take photos in the theater, so here was the lobby photos. There was a magic shop in the lobby where you could buy magic tricks.

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