Sunday, April 10, 2011

Elaine and I went to Niagara Falls

Needing a little R & R after the tough winter, Elaine and I took a long weekend, drove five hours, and went to Niagara Falls. We stayed at the Hilton on the Canadian side and had a wonderful trip.
We could not wait to see the Falls, so on the first day, we walked through the Casino, along the path walkway, and took the cable car down to the Falls building.
Out the other side of the Falls Building was the magnificent Niagara Falls. Pictures do not do it justice in terms of the grandeur and splendor, but here are a few, nonetheless.
This was our first view of the Falls and it was breathtaking. The excitement and exhilaration that we both felt was very much akin to the best of my scuba diving adventures. I mean the adrenaline was pumping in both of us. You do not get to see the whole Falls at once as there is this constant mist. Here is the very brink of the falls where it falls over the edge 176 feet down.
It was very cold here at the brink of the falls. The cold and wind was unbelievable and my face chapped in moments. There was this mist and spray from the water shooting up, so I could only stay here for a few minutes at a time. My camera lens were getting misted up right from the start and I had to constantly wipe them, shoot quickly, and wipe again.
Niagara means "Thundering Waters" and the roar here was just unreal. Truly a remarkable experience.

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