Sunday, April 10, 2011

Niagara Casino

This was across the street from the Hilton and we spent time here everyday, not gambling, but just going to eating places or passing through.
I was told that the rich and famous come here. Certainly, professional hockey, baseball, and football athletes, as well as the performing celebrities, such as Robin Williams.
It was amazing to walk through the vast Casino. Several times, we got lost and could not find our way out, which is exactly what you want. There is an all you can eat buffet for $20, which is probably the cheapest place that we saw. They just don't want you to leave.
Elaine saw someone so exhausted, they were slumped over a slot machine, but still pulling the handle. I could not take any pictures inside the actual gambling location, so there are as close as I could get.There was a theater there and the Beach Boys were playing there with two of the original ones and John Stamos on the drums. We tried to get tickets, but we were fourteenth on the waiting list and the waiting list only got as far as two.
This was in the food court, which we ate several meals at. Tim Hortons is everywhere there, on every street corner, practically. The coffee, donuts, sandwiches, and cookies were very good.

The last night, we were taking one last look at the Falls out the back of the Casino, which are lit up at night. Elaine saw this raccoon scavenging for food. Looked like a big one, so I image that people were keeping it well fed.

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