Thursday, March 13, 2003

Heard something interesting on Rush Limbaugh. A survey in Australia reported that among wealthy people, hard work was the number one key to success and among poor people, education was the number one key to success. Now I know why so many financially hurting clients come in and talk about wanting training or should have gone to or back to school.

Seems like some people's educational goal may be to short circuit the naturally occurring hard work, paying one's dues, proving ones self worthy process moving up the ladder process by hoping, with education, one can automatically enter in at a higher level and better paying position and not have to work one's way up.

It seems to be an immediate fix to the problem of a good job, but the problem may be that theknowledge comes, for the most part, without the wisdom gained through experience.
A referral from Workers Comp was said to have TRA/TAA training funding. I wanted to get this verified and he called an Unemployment Comp rep and was told that even though he was not on Unemployment Comp, he was eligible for training money. I called to verify this and asked for something in writing. Lo and behold, the rep called the client and said he did some further checking and client did not have a UC file, so was not eligible for the TRA/TAA training money. What a bummer.

However, it pays to ask government workers to confirm in writing what they are telling you.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

A referral from a social service agency said, when her program time was up, that I did not find her a job. I tell people from day one, I am not going to find you a job, I will train you how to find your own job and I will help you, but don't count on me to find you a job. I tell people, I cannot guarantee you a job or your ideal job, there are only two certainties in this world, death and taxes. All I can tell you is that if you don't find a job, at the end of our alloted time, you will be unemployed.

Some people only hear and remember what they want to hear and remember.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Interesting puzzle helping people get jobs these days. So many people put their faith and stock in training programs. Does anyone know the number of people completing training who either don't get the job they want or don't have a job at all? Strange times. Under the right circumstances training can help, but it is not the magic bullet
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