Friday, July 30, 2010

Dive of the Dolphins Video

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Day of the Dolphin

This was a life changing event. It was on Bruce and my second dive of the second day where this school of five dolphins swam in on our group.
People pay for special dive with the dolphin dives and this was just an extraordinary unforeseen divine occurrence
The dolphins stayed and played with us the entire dive
They clicked and whistled around us and I could feel them sonaring me
They put on a spectacular Sea World style performance with rolling, swimming in formation, and shooting to the surface and breaking off in all directions

Geo, our dive guide acted and mimicked their swimming motions in an attempt to interact more with them

Bruce said this was a dive of a lifetime and in over 130 dives, he never had an experience like this

The universe is huge and ridiculous and sometimes miracles happen. Our God is an awesome God.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ambergris Caye Video

Ambergris Caye Video

Here were two people fishing at the end of the Resort pier using only an Off can with line wrapped around it and a hook.

Must have worked they caught some fish

Here we are walking down the main street late at night and you can see the active night life.

Monday, July 26, 2010

More Elaine's Pictures

More Elaine's Pictures

More sights around San Pedro
This is the tour company that we took the Manatee Tour through

This is where we ate dinner in our fitst excursion into San Pedro. The food was excellent.

Elaine's Pictures

This was downtown San Pedro and this woman was making tortillas right there on the street

This was the big night hotspot downtown

We were quite impressed with this lady, carrying a bundle on her head and her child in her arms
More scenes from our Goff's Caye Island lunch adventure

This is where we caught the water taxi
To be continued
Kayaking at Costa Maya Resort

On the last day, we decided to kayak around the resort.
Nothing to worry about, I passed advanced canoeing at YMCA Camp.
Lois wanted to go for a ride, too.
Last Stop on the Tour - Caye Caulker

The end of our big adventure day was a stop at this island. It is much more primitive than Ambergris Caye as AC has brick paved streets and these are all dirt roads. Took a quick walk down Main Street Caye Caulker, then headed for the boat dock.

Our last site of the day was to play with the sea horses from the mangroves. Did you know that the male sea horse carries the young and gives the live birth?
To be continued.
Snorkling With Stingray and Nurse Shark

Two Fish Two Beer. Our tour guide bartered the fish to use a chum when we got to the snorkling spot.
Here is the guide holding up one of the rays
Geranimo! And in I go

Wow, here comes the nurse shark my way
And right past me
Really, time for me to get out
Quite an experience

To be continued.