Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's my birthday and Elaine sent me this Happy Birthday E-Card

Friday, February 16, 2007

Math can make you feel like this:


Thursday, February 15, 2007

From The Times Reporter, about winter driving:

Tuscarawas County Sheriff Walt Wilson says it would take an extremely drastic weather event for him to declare a snow emergency level in the county. In Ohio, a sheriff may declare a snow emergency and temporarily close any township, county or state road within his jurisdiction for the preservation of public peace.

Wilson said Wednesday that past experience with the system has created a lot of issues and puts him or any sheriff in the middle of the employer and employees. On Tuesday, Wilson said, his department received many calls from people wanting him to declare a level. The calls included one, he added, from a woman who wanted him to give her written permission excusing her from work.

This is in regards to an adult. I have to remind people, the world of work is not the sheltered school environment.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Check out this frozen tidal wave from

Inches of snow yesterday and last night. Good thing that I have an All Wheel Drive Vehicle. People think that I buy strange cars, but I want AWD cars. I may only need it a week or two a year, but for that week or two, I am glad that I have it. Yesterday, I drove to Canton and did my usual business and let me tell you, there is no way I would have been out without AWD. It was bad.

Today, schools are closed, Elaine and Aaron were still sleeping when I left the house. Below is a picture of an old log cabin in the woods on Route 800, not far from where we live.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

From a vocational and career point of view, some fallout of raising the minimum wage.

New wage boost puts squeeze on teenage workers across Arizona
Employers are cutting back hours, laying off young staffers

Chad Graham
The Arizona Republic
Feb. 10, 2007 12:00 AM

Oh, for the days when Arizona's high school students could roll pizza dough, sweep up sticky floors in theaters or scoop ice cream without worrying about ballot initiatives affecting their earning power.

That's certainly not the case under the state's new minimum-wage law that went into effect last month.

Some Valley employers, especially those in the food industry, say payroll budgets have risen so much that they're cutting hours, instituting hiring freezes and laying off employees.

And teens are among the first workers to go.

Companies maintain the new wage was raised to $6.75 per hour from $5.15 per hour to help the breadwinners in working-poor families. Teens typically have other means of support.

Mark Messner, owner of Pepi's Pizza in south Phoenix, estimates he has employed more than 2,000 high school students since 1990. But he plans to lay off three teenage workers and decrease hours worked by others. Of his 25-person workforce, roughly 75 percent are in high school.

"I've had to go to some of my kids and say, 'Look, my payroll just increased 13 percent,' " he said. " 'Sorry, I don't have any hours for you.' "

Messner's monthly cost to train an employee has jumped from $440 to $580 as the turnover rate remains high.

"We go to great lengths to hang on to our high school workers, but there are a lot of kids who come in and get one check in their pocket and feel like they're living large and out the door they go," he said. "We never get our return on investment when that happens."

I have a new title for just about any minimum wage law now: The Well-Intentioned Unemployment Engendering Act. It seems to fit quite nicely.

Snowy day today in Northeast Ohio. Schools are closed.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Trying real hard to stay away from political discussions. They can make you real depressed.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Here is the scuba video that Brian Alves and I discussed yesterday. This is the Key West Joe's Tug dive video.

By the way, here is my father's Pearl Harbor Memories Video. To date, almost 30,000 people have watched it in three months.

Was interviewed yesterday for The DV Show with Brian Alves. We talked about my scuba diving videos and my father's Pearl Harbor Memories video. It will be on The DV Show Podcast this week.

Brian is very nice and a Christian. In listening to his podcast, I could always tell there was something different about him. The DV Show website, podcast, videos, and live cast are certainly a platform that God can use.