Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Christmas Eve 2008 from Marshall Karp on Vimeo

Click here to watch the HD version.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

We opened our presents tonight as we will be at Bruce and Lois' house tomorrow. My isn't God good to us?

Christmas Eve 2008
Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Brian

We went to visit Brian, Ryan, and Licorice on Saturday to celebrate Brian's birthday.

Licorice did not like his Christmas elf hat and would work it off. By the way, Licorice's new nickname is Houdini. He escaped from his cage twice during the day and Ryan and Brian are still strategizing what to do next to keep him locked in.

Also, Brian and I made a quick trip to Lois and Bruce's house and here is their Christmas Palm Tree. Unusual, yes but it made me think how nice it would be to be on Grand Cayman Island celebrating the holidays.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Shopping in Amish Country

Elaine and I went to Sugarcreek to do some Christmas shopping. We ate dinner at the Dutch Valley Restaurant, which was beautifully decorated for the season.

Biggest Full Moon Friday Night

Moon closest to the earth all year

Sunday, December 07, 2008

December 7, 2008: My Father's Day

My mother and father went to the annual Pearl Harbor luncheon at Brackenridge, Pa. There were six Pearl Harbor Veterans who attended. My father knows them, but none were stationed at Hickam Air Base with him. Some speeches were given. This is always a very solemn occasion.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

December 7, 1941

My father was in the military during World War II and stationed at Hickam Air Base. This is his incredible eyewitness testimony of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Here is the link to the Hot Air Blog and the comments when I originally posted it two years ago.

This is the posting from Kim Komando at when I originally posted the video.


Thank you Marshall, for taking the time to record your father's story for future generations. I was touched by the story. And, I was impressed by your editing skills!

Here is a message that I got from John Chatterton of Shadow Divers


Great history!! Living history videos will be even more valuable as time goes on.

Also, I was requested for and presented a DVD of the video to the MAPS Air Museum in Canton, next to the Akron Canton Airport. I was told that it plays everyday in the Pearl Harbor Exhibit

Awesome video. It's always nice to hear the stories come from the veterans themselves.
The number of world war II vets gets less and less every year.
I wish I had recordings of some of the conversations of my grandfather. He openly talked about his experinces in Normandy with me before he died.
- Eng48Ine

It was a day the radio was never turned off. I was in grade school in 1941, where we were told all about Hitler and now the Japs were added. Everything changed then.
My best to Harry Karp.

Thanks for sharing that video with us.
- Booted

My Grandfather was stationed at Schoffield Barracks, the Army post about a mile up from the Naval yard...he fought along side your father that day. Thank you for that video...It's a great thing you did.
- Jer

Marshall, your Dad is quite a good oral historian. I enjoyed every bit of it. Well done. Give your father our best, and I thank him for his service.
- Iron Maiden

Good on ya, Marshall.
Extend to your father my family's thanks for serving our country.
- Jeff

What a great video, thanks for sharing and pass on my best wishes to your father
- Andy

thanks for the link, much appreciated.
- Tom

Very nice! Thanks so much for sharing this!
You all have to watch this videom Bella especially, (as she wants to interview her Father). Great stuff!
And lastly, please thank your Father for his service!
- Scott

I agree. Thanks very much for sharing this. Very good.
- Herakles

You have a fine site and the video is excellent! Your Dad is quite the story-teller!
- dgmitchell

Marshall -

Thanks for taking the time to create the video and repost it. I just finished watching it, almost exactly 67 years after the events started to unfold. The memorial at Pearl Harbor is one of the most moving ones I have visited and hearing a first hand account makes it more so.

Thank you to your family for their service to our country.

A fellow Pennsylvanian
and Scuba Boarder
- Mike