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Elaine's Birthday - Detailed Her Mazda

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Nitro Yearly Wax and Polish 2010

Elaine and I Went to See

Marshall's Review

I suppose there were three reasons that we went to see Alice in Wonderland:

1. Tim Burton film
2. Johnny Depp
3. 3D

1. Tim Burton film

Burton does make lovely, though strange and different movies. His masterpieces are painted with lovely brushstrokes and exquisite attention to detail. All of his movies are superbly made, though all are not good stories. So it was with this one. I never read Through the Looking Glass as I had no interest. Not long after starting the movie, I realized that whereas I was aware of the plot and the characters, personally, I did not find the story interesting. Having said that, if you are a Lewis Carroll fan, you may get more enjoyment from the storyline. I will say that Burton brought the characters and images to life, beautifully, though.

2. Johnny Depp

When he first shows up as the Mad Hatter, I was wondering how much Jack Sparrow (Sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow) was in this role as another three bricks shy of a load person. Ah, but Depp soon dispels that and the Mad Hatter is it's only persona and character. I forget about comparisons and was interested in seeing this person unfold to find out why he is who he is. Can't say enough about Depp's acting skills. In a alternate universe where good looks is associated with good acting, more craftsman like Depp are needed.

3. 3D

Truth be told, the main reason I went to the movie was out of curiosity as to how Burton would utilize 3D and I had high expectation. This is the second movie I've seen in 3D, Avatar the first and twice, and I am sad to report that 3D is nothing more than a gimmick to get me to buy the ticket for a movie that I would have waited to come out on Bluray. First and foremost, 3D was not used properly in this movie. There were several scenes in Avatar where 3D came close to getting you believe that you were watching what seemed almost like a stage play with real live actors/characters on a huge spectacular set in front of you. On the other hand, Burton used regular film technique and just added 3D depth. Rather than using the medium to its fullest potential, it seemed to be just an add on or in. Yes, several times things came out in front of the screen, but most of the time, the effect was used to add depth, and not that well. There was never a moment where I believed I was watching a real portal to another fantasy world with events unfolding.

Which leads to, you get the 3D effect at the expense of color. Burton uses color so majestically in his movie: Big Fish, Sleepy Hollow, Willie Wonka, to name a few. The colors from start to finish are dull, faded, and muted. Sad that you get a gimmick trade-off instead of pop off the screen colors.

What do I think of the state of 3D thus far? Anyone remember the GAF View Master? This was a goggle type thing that you put film wheels into, looked in the eye pieces, and saw people, objects, and places in 3D. The only difference between the View Master and 3D movies is the View Master showed still images and the films, well, moving pictures. Oh, by the way, not only did you get 3D, but the colors were gorgeous, too. Sadly, the View Master went the way of the dinosaur. Can you image young people today being remotely interested in click a film wheel to watch static pictures and reading the description? Boring, the internet and video games are so much more exciting.

I submit that this 3D fad is nothing more than an updated GAF View Master. It is just a marketing ploy to sell tickets, new TV's, and new Bluray players. I may change my mind where someone does a movie right and uses the medium to its fullest potential, but that day is not today.

Based on the above, if you want to see an entertaining movie, leave the 3D aside, go see Alice in Wonderland. I give it ***.

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Annual Rite of Spring

Washed car for the first time this year tonight.