Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Diving Weekend

Boy, summer is going by fast and this is only the second time that I could get out to dive. I went back to Gilboa and here are more photos of my adventure.

First, here was a toolbox on one of the platforms. We opened it and there was nothing in it.
Nice cabin cruiser on the bottom
Another boat
Bridge to nowhere. Actually, a railroad tressle.
I found Cyril again. Three weeks ago he was in the cockpit of the plane. Now, he was on one of the boats. Little guy gets around. Unfortunately, he is starting to show some wear.
This is the collapsed water tower
Actually, a beautiful day Saturday
The main office building
My dive buddies for Saturday
My dive buddies from Friday night

Friday, August 21, 2009

Airports Magazine Article

Ryan, Kristie, and Elizabeth were featured on page 46 and 47 of Airports Magazine. The article dealt with how they are using the social networking technology to enhance the customer service and knowledge of Akron Canton Airport. Congratulations ladies and keep up the good work!

Airports Magazine

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Gilboa Quarry Dive Weekend

I went to Gilboa Quarry Friday afternoon and found a couple of dive buddies there.

This is Candi, who is a Scuba Instructor for a dive shop in Michigan
This is her friend Sue, an attorney in Michigan. I had a nice dive with these two ladies on Friday afternoon. They are vacationing in Africa in eight days and were working on the underwater photography and videography skills.
Some of the underwater sights, which I have showed you before. Here is the Gilboa Gnome, Cyril, again. I saw him walking along the bottom over by the helicoptor and, sure enough, when we went back to the helicoptor, there he was. Little guy sure gets around. Last time I saw him was two years ago, wandering around in the underwater forest area.
A frustrated computer/technology user perhaps?
Big, big catfish
Saturday, I dove with John and Laura. John is a Snap-On Tool Salesman in Michigan and Laura is finishing up her Medical Transcription Certification. We made two pleasant dives together.