Saturday, May 26, 2007

Last October, I bought this new Equinox ProPak 6 Housing as my homemade housing began to leak. As this is bigger, I needed a carrying case for it. I really wanted a Pelican or Storm Hard Case, and price was not the problem, but size was. Due to the measurement, the only cases that would fit are twice as big as I need. They are carry-on luggage size. Way too big to take on vacation trips. So, I decided to make my own padded case.
I got this Stanley Hard Base All Purpose Bag at Target.
Another view
I got four of these foam sheets at Joanne Fabric
I measured and cut the bottom piece
Here is the end piece. Notice, I slit the foam and
packed it into the tool holder pockets
Do the same for the sides
Packing the foam in the sides can get tricky,
but it works to hold the foam in place

Housing in pads
Pad for the top

I don't want to glue the padding in as it will get wet and I can buy other foam sheets and replace them as the need be. It is a very light case to carry around. I just wanted some protection for the housing when I am carrying equipment to dive sites, packing it in my checked luggage, or on a dive boat.

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