Sunday, July 22, 2007

Portage Quarry Dive

I traveled to Bowling Green Ohio on Saturday to dive Portage Quarry. It is a large fresh water quarry in northwest Ohio and my dive buddies were Kevin and Denny. It was a beautiful 80 degree summer day and I am glad that we went as summer is flying by. I wanted to take video, but the visibility was too bad. However, I did take still pictures and the visibility was pretty good by the underwater silo.

On top of the silo is the underwater memorial to Jacques Costeau

This was a very powerful and emotional moment for me and for a second or two, I forgot about being underwater in the quarry.

I felt very awestruck and humbled. Growing up, I watched the Costeau TV National Geographic Society specials and he had an influence on me getting into diving.

Kevin and Denny

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Anonymous said...

Nice, clean photos, marshall. Sorry you missed the plane and some other good shots today.

Let's dive again!! Kevin