Sunday, June 06, 2010

DUI Drysuit Day at Gilboa Quarry

Friday, I went to the Quarry as the DUI Company was there and you could test out drysuits in the hopes of buying. I do want a drysuit, but I want to get a few dives in before we go to Belize. Also, I got the new underwater housing for my Flip Video Camera and wanted to test it out.

This is the DUI Company display. You start at one end and work your way through each station to get you fitted and suited properly.

Here I am just getting in the water to start my second dive.

Here is the boat and motorcycle, I've videod and photod these before, as I said, I was just testing my video equipment. As you can see, I did not have the wide angle lens on, so everything fills the screen like I am way to close.

The water temperature was about 54 degree and I was in about 20 minutes for each dive. My face and head were cold, but the rest of me was warm from the drysuit. There is no way I could have dove with a wetsuit, the water is still too cold. Hopefully, it will warm up soon.

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Bruce said...

You won't need a drysuit in Belize - the water is too warm!! A shortie will help if you get cold easily. Besides - are you going to carry it down there?!?