Sunday, April 10, 2011

Outing One Day

We made a half hour trip to St. Catherines to go to what was billed as the fourth largest mall in Canada, Pencentre. It was very big with many American chain stores, as well as Canadian brand chains.

On the way back, we went to the Clifton Hill District. Elaine described this as the craziest street she was every on. It appeared that over by our end of town was the more adult attractions with upscale shopping, casino, and restaurants. This was more of the family attraction with wax museums, 3D movies, fast food, and arcades.
Dinosaur attack. This is a soon to be completed miniature golf course. Kids will love this.

Here is looking down the street, so you will get a feel of the vicinity.

This was outside the Rainforest Cafe.

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