Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marshall's IPhone App

I thought I would chronicle my adventure and see where it ends up. As some of you may know, IPhones and Android phones have apps or mini application which do things. Some apps track time, mileage, where you parked your car, picture editing, oh, you just think it and there is a phone app for it.

Well, I thought of one for job hunting. In my research there is none like it on the ITunes store, Android Market, Amazon Market, or Barnes & Noble Market. That could be a good thing as it stands out from all the other job hunting competition apps. It could be a bad thing as there is a reason why no one has come up with anything like this.

I have contacted a job search supply company to see if they are interested in buying it, so far no word. I contacted a friend of mine in the job search training industry to see if he is interested, maybe. I could produce it and put it on the markets myself, too.

Ah producing it myself, I wrote the blueprint for the app, but alas, I know nothing of programming or coding it. Fortunately, I have two friends who do and we met for the first time to discuss the app. We are at a point of if they think too much time will be invested, they will let me know they cannot do it, but if they decide to go on, we will see where we are at in two weeks.

You read stories of people who develop a simple app, charge a few dollars for it and make millions. I read a story of a man who invested $35,000 into his app and made $500. Such is life.

Stay tuned. To be continued.

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