Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gilboa Quarry Dive 2011

Yesterday, I went diving at Gilboa Quarry in northwest Ohio.

The weather was hot and sunny to start, but really poured rain as we came out after the second dive. Getting ready for our Fort Lauderdale trip in two weeks, I took my underwater video camera along to make sure it was good to go. Even though there were quite a few divers and student divers there, the visibility was surprisingly good in spots.

Here are my dive buddies for the day, Ozzie, Julie, and Lauren

Here we are starting out on dive two of the day

Julie clowning around

I thought this old boat looked interesting and ancient

Ozzie trying to get this to start

Ozzie would turn over rocks and find baby crayfish under them to feed the fish

This was rather entertaining to watch

A couple of other boats on the bottom

After getting crayfish fed, these fish followed us around for more. About a minute into the video, Ozzie hand feeds one of them

Close-up shot of Ozzie handfeeding a fish

All in all, it was a very good day with two good dives.

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Bruce said...

The viz is not as good as it is in Belize, but at least it is diving!!! The quarry is cold this time of year. See any icebergs?