Sunday, July 15, 2012

Grand Cayman Adventure Photos

Elaine and me at Morritts Resort David's Restaurant.  Maybe our first day lunch was disappointing, but the rest of the trip, the food was wonderful.

Bruce and Lois

Elaine and I went to Georgetown and there were two cruise ships there.  Not bad walking around, really hot, but the parking was horrendous.  Took us a half hour to find a parking spot.

Pirate Statue

Manta Ray fountain

I thought this might be an interesting shot

This was taken at Camana Bay Shopping Village.  Surprisingly, it was very much like an early Cleveland Legacy Village or Columbus Legacy Village.  Very much American style high end shops, not the Cayman tourist shops of Georgetown.  I heard Apple was going to put an Apple Store in, so I guess this might tell you the direction they are moving in.

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