Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grand Cayman Dive Videos

First dive in Grand Cayman and my dive buddy finds this 5 to 6 foot green moray eel thinking it is hidden in a hole, when it is barely covered by the coral.

Nothing big to see here, but this is a deep wall dive at 100 feet.  The wall goes down to 6,000 feet.  I kept turning around, looking, and hoping to see something big going past in the open ocean, but never happened.  They don't get many whale sharks here, though one was spotted on the northwest part of the island.

Cute little drummer fish

Little lion fish about 10 seconds into to the video.  I had seen one this size before in Fort Lauderdale last year.  Lion fish are a problem as they are devouring the coral fish life to the point that it is open season on them.  The dive guides spear them when they see them and sell them to local restaurants.  I was in the gym working out with a gentleman from Texas who said that his wife had the lion fish at Tukka's Restaurant.  She said it was delicious.

I showed you the above lion fish as this was an enormous lion fish.  The guide did not have his spear with him.

Lois pointed out this big puffer fish on the second dive.  It was kind of cute in an ugly sort of way.

I saw several of these big lobsters.  Wow, just wanted to reach in, grab them, grill them, and dip them in butter.  Probably not a good idea, if you don't know what you are doing and I don't.  I have heard they are fierce fighters.

Here was a huge lobster hidden away.  I found him while shining my flashlight in this hole.

Some of the reef life

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