Sunday, August 03, 2014

Mini Lobster Season

Wednesday and Thursday were Mini Lobster Season, which is kind of like Deer Season up north here. You need to buy a license and you can go out and bag a 12 lobster limit. I heard about this early in the week but Thursday afternoon, I was on an all Lobster Hunting Boat. I was paired up with Brandon and we dove to get lobsters. On the first dive, we were on a deep 60 foot reef, which I just did not think was going to work. I had never seen lobsters that deep and sure enough, we did not see one. We kept trying to get more shallow, but it the reef just stayed deep. On the second dive, which was a 30 foot reef, I went over a ledge, looked in a hole and saw a lobster staring out. I signaled Brandon, who used the metal pole and noose, but missed the lobster. It shot deep back into the hole and stirred up silt, so we never had another chance. The couple on the boat brought up a dozen lobsters, all told. The young man found and brought up a lobster. In all, it was an exciting trip and I would like to go back next year and get my license to go lobster hunting. The underwater shots of the lobsters are before and after Mini-Lobster Season. I saw them all over the place and it was almost like they knew when to go into hiding and when the coast was clear, so to speak.

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